In our field, seeking performance and guaranteeing safety must go hand in hand.

MEDITEST’s commitment

MEDITEST anchors itself on the key concept of balancing safety with performance. This balance is the driving force of our organization as we accompany our clients and partners.

2015 03 30 corporate | MEDIX LAB

What they’re saying about us…

‟ This supplier does the job well, quickly, and at the right price”

Stéphane Chopin
Heavy Equipment Technical Manager | CT, MR, XR Service Manager
Canon Medical Systems France SAS

MEDITEST has been our supplier for a long time. Along the way, we’ve followed their own diversification in trade as well as in control. Our interests are very well served. I have a relationship built on trust with my interlocutor, contributing to our company loyalty. Like other manufacturers, Canon Medical Systems France places great importance on dosimetry quality and on calibration service performance. MEDITEST and MEDIX LAB work fast, while offering all the related quality and certification guarantees.

As a result, I systematically recommend MEDITEST to my European colleagues.