Whether you’re a manufacturer, an approved inspection organization, an international distributor, or an operator, MEDIX LAB can meet all your metrology and calibration needs. Once  measurements have been made, we provide you with a calibration certificate or a verification report for your equipment.

We do this through our commitment to providing you with a complete service within five days, from start to finish. The process begins when we receive your equipment at our site. The first step is testing that your device works properly.

After we’ve confirmed that that’s the case, we stabilize the temperature of your device so as to prepare it for the measurement procedures. Meanwhile, we create a chart for your device that will follow it throughout the process. At this point, we can start carrying out the measurements. This marks only the second day of the process, which serves as a control marker.

Unlike an adjustment, which modifies the intrinsic characteristics of a measuring instrument, calibration ensures its durability. The reference measurement is always performed twice: once before and once after the customer measurement. All external values that are decisive in the measurement process are recorded on the certificate.

We finalize our process and then ship your device accompanied by the relevant documents. By now it’s only Day 5, and your machine is already on its way back to your premises.