Photometry – Optics /Radiometry

We carry out COFRAC-accredited verification reports and calibration certificates according to ISO 17025 standards for photometers, including luminance and illumination calibration. Calibration is based on ISO CIE 19476 standard recommendations and may include:

  • Calibration for luminance with hemispherical illumination
  • Calibration or diffuse illumination at the exit port of the light source
  • Calibration for illumination directed 1 meter from the exit port of the light source

These services comprise:

  • Function test
  • Comparative measurements with respect to our reference measurement chains
  • Written report

Our services are complete and standard. They are provided specifically upon request.

Conformity is established upon request and is based on the manufacturer’s characteristics for the verified instrument, unless otherwise specified. Measurement uncertainty is taken into account in the declaration of conformity.

SOFIMAE is accredited by COFRAC according to the ISO 17025 version 2017 standard in: Optic / Radiometrie – Photometry, no. 2-7170.